Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Our client is one of the largest medical group of hospitals in the Middle East. It’s one of the top branded and highly ranked hospital groups of the Mid East, and has no competitors in the market in terms of framework of operations. This medical group has almost a dozen branches across different cities of Saudi Arabia accompanied with a couple of branches in other GCC regions. All the hospitals that fall under this group are tertiary level hospitals, normally based on the bed capacity of more than 300. Our very important client, providing superior medical care as an integrated facility, dedicated to delivering health care services of the highest international standard. The medical group is the largest and most rapidly growing medical group that comes up with a new tertiary level branch hospital every year, with a plan to have 20 branch hospitals across KSA by 2030 and also having built a 1600 beds capacity medical city by 2023. The medical has got 15,000+ employees across its Saudi branches.

The medical group is American accredited by JCI, CBAHI, KPI, ACHC and many other authorities. The medical group exactly operates in accordance with the American framework standard.

Its Obesity Treatments Centers has been solely accredited as the first Specialized Centers of Excellence in the Region by (SRC) American Institution.

 Key Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling: The assistant director of nursing schedules the activities of the department and assigns the duties and shifts to each employee. In case where an employee is not able to come to work, then the assistant director of nurse must see that another staff member is assigned with those duties to avoid any inconvenience to the patients.
  • Inventory management: The assistant director of nursing has to order medical and surgical supplies and store these supplies in a proper manner. This person has to check the stock for expired items and replace those with new stock. Assistant director of nurse has to maintain a record of the inventory and also negotiate with different vendors to save expenses on the inventory.
  • Recruitment and training: The assistant director of nursing posts job advertisements and interviews the candidates. He/she provides training to the staff and analyzes their core competencies to delegate specific job duties.
  • Supervision and performance appraisal: Assistant director of nursing supervises the activities of the staff to ensure that they are working efficiently and a professional environment is maintained in the facility. He/she evaluates the performance of the staff in the nursing department and presents the reports to the nursing director for further evaluation of the staff.
  • Documentation and payroll: The assistant director of nursing handles all the documentation related to the nursing department and presents periodical reports to the nursing director. He/she helps the administration department with the payroll process.
  • Other responsibilities are very similar to those of a Nursing Director, where assistant DON is supposed to work very closely with the Nursing Director

 Key Skills:

  • Highly knowledgeable with the nursing regulations laid by the international authorities.
  • Compassionate, calm and highly efficient in multitasking.
  • Technically skilled and communicative to maintain a proper flow of communication within the facility and with the external publics as well.
  • Should be able to handle staff of more than 200 reporting under her / him

Reporting To: CEO of the Medical Group / Nursing Director of the Branch Hospital

Education & Experience Requirements:


  • Registered Nurse with a current Nursing license
  • Bachelor Degree (Western / EU / AUS / NZ / US / UK standard)
  • Master Degree in any Nursing Specialty, or in Nursing / Clinical Management or simply in management (Western / EU / AUS / NZ / US / UK Standard) will be a plus but not that essential
  • Minimum two to three (2 – 3) years clinical experience as an assistant or deputy nursing director at least in an acute care setting where at least the candidate used to manage 95 – 200 staff under him or her
  • English Language Skills: Level l-Skilled
  • Computer Skills: Expert will be a plus otherwise intermediate

Offered Package:

  • Salary: SAR 28,000 – 45,500 i.e. (US$ 7,460 – 12,130) net per month
  • Family Villa or Apartment
  • Housing Provided = 800SAR i.e. (USD 210) If live outside MG Housing
  • Indicial and returned Travel for employee and family
  • Eligible dependents: 1 spouse + 2 children under 18 years old.
  • Health Insurance including dental & optical provided to the employee and eligible / authorized dependents
  • 2-years initial contract with 90 days probation
  • Vacations: 25 – 30 days + 10 public holidays
  • All other benefits according to the above-mentioned description

 There are 3 types of Nursing Directors; DON for Day-to-Day Operations, DON for Quality & DON for Health Affairs i.e. Education.

We need DONs & Asst. DONs for Day-to-Day Operations, otherwise, for DONs for Quality & Health Affairs will also be considered.  

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.