We are looking for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) experienced with FinTech in emerging markets to join the team in Jamaica – the birthplace of reggae!



Summary objective of the job:

Would you like to become a CTO in a FinTech group responsible for 5M OPEX / 2M CAPEX, and manage over 50 IT professionals… while working from an office located on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet?

Our client, the Caribbean’s hottest FinTech corporation, builds mobile banking and financial services. They provide an integrated experience for people to deposit, save and transfer money to friends and family, and manage their finances.

This leading corporation operates multiple brands, with over 5M active customers in over 50 countries.

Principal Responsibilities:

You’ll be based in Jamaica, lead and be responsible for the following functions:

  • Full-Stack Software Development (Mobile Applications, Websites, Back Office Platforms)
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Vendor Management
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps
  • Technical Compliance Support (PCI, GDPR, AML)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Product Management

As the CTO, you will be responsible to:

  • Manage internal teams across multiple countries and 3rd Party Vendors.
  • Manage CAPEX and OPEX technology costs for each business owner.
  • Evolve the current technology strategy to support the rapid growth of the business for the next 3-5 years.
  • Provide technology support to our compliance teams to ensure adherence to regulatory and legal frameworks in multiple countries.
  • Blend knowledge of existing and emerging technology to provide a business with the best future solutions possible.

Resources for which post holder is likely to be accountable:

  • People: 20+ Payroll staff plus 30+ Contract Team.
  • Budget: CAPEX 2M+ OPEX 5M+ Funded from each business’ P&L.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for the Technology Operations across the companies in the Group.
  • Responsible for Cyber Security, Compliance and Technology Risk Management across the Group.
  • Full ownership of design, architecture, implementation, quality, scalability, reliability and performance of the platforms and applications.
  • Ad-hoc requirements as required by the business and approved by the CEO.
  • Achieve team and company objectives.


  • Customers:
    • External – All customers through the provision of customer-facing products & Systems
    • Internal – All business units, deliver products to achieve the business plan.
  • Suppliers:
    • Internal – All business units
    • External – Outsourced resource & PaaS Suppliers Person



  • Minimum Bachelors Degree Level Education in Science, Engineering, IT, Computing, Maths or similar technical field.
  • Masters Degree preferable.

The Ideal candidate:

  • Has hands-on experience developing FinTech products from ground zero.
    • I.e. worked in a FinTech startup or a spin-off from an established bank.
  • Worked in an emerging market (Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe).
  • Worked as an IT manager (not necessarily CTO), i.e. CTO, CIO, VP of Engineering, IT Director, Head of IT, IT Manager, etc.
    • Experience with managing full-stack software teams, but coding is not required.
  • Led cross-functional & multi-cultural IT teams across different timezones and geographies.


  • It’s a life changing job opportunity with technology being the vehicle for growth.
  • It’s a life changing job opportunity with technology being the vehicle for growth.
  • A dynamic environment where you will be at the decision table charting the course of the company along with the other executives.
  • This role is not for the fainthearted as this is a very fast-paced environment with its own corporate culture separate to the Telco which makes for a collaborative, everyone-pitch-in mindset.
  • Relocation package (relocation, flights upon start and end of contract, shipping both ways and flights)
  • Housing allowance
  • Lease car
  • Mobile phone and data plan
  • Annual bonus plan – based on the individual and the company’s performance
  • Visa – It takes over a month to get a Work Visa; until it’s secured, you can work remotely
  • Salary: $120,000 – $150,000 / year Nett (0% tax)

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.