• Design and construction of Geographical Information Systems
  • Technical assistance for the use of GIS software
  • Implementation of geospatial analysis tools
  • Prototyping
  • Elaboration of test programs
  • Integration with other applications
  • Writing of technical documentation
  • Assistance with deployment and configuration of the system
  • Assist with evaluating and testing products delivered by other teams to ensure that they conform to the requirements and methodology
  • Participation in meetings with the project teams.

Knowledge and skills

  • Good knowledge of GIS software and tools
  • Good knowledge of relational database systems
  • Good knowledge of SQL
  • Good knowledge of geospatial data analysis
  • Good knowledge of programming languages
  • Good knowledge of the design and development of web and multi-tier web applications
  • Good knowledge of  modelling tools (e.g. UML)
  • Ability to cope with fast changing technologies used in application developments
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, ease of communication.
  • Capability of integration in an international/multicultural environment.

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