We’re looking for a Backend Python Engineer to join the team on-site in Dubai. Relocation is supported.

Job Description

Would you like to work on an innovative high-tech platform’s backend that is preparing for massive growth, which means it needs robust and distributed architecture to be made?

If you’ve ever tried to purchase a property, you were probably surprised how difficult the process is! Our client builds an innovative PropTech solution that simplifies the home or apartment purchasing process so that customers don’t have to deal with banks and bureaucracy.

Their team believes buying a new home should be easy and home buyers should have control of the whole home buying experience at the convenience of their sofa…. and that’s why they’ve started the high-tech company. They have raised money from investors and now have 160+ employees (30+ in engineering).

The online Portal matches a user with the best suitable mortgage in less than 30 seconds and issues an approval 3x faster than the traditional process!

Customers can through the Portal control everything from quality-checking the documents to choosing the best mortgage offer. Their experts who know the home buying industry inside-out are on stand-by and guide customers through every step of the process.

This will be a dream job if you’ve ever wanted to get a broader knowledge of distributed architecture and build it from the ground up. You’ll have a chance to work on robust & sustainable architecture that needs to recover fast and run independently with 99.99% uptime.

Your Job Responsibilities Will Include:

  • A) If you join the CRM team:
    • Move to a new service, micro-service (From a monolith to new micro-service architecture)
    • Integrate HubSpot
    • Make sure all data can be consumed internally
    • All of the back-office operations should be running on the CRM
  • B) If you join the Platform Backend team:
    • Focus on scalability: implement micro-service architecture, scalable in the cloud
    • Implement new tools for logging, tracing, and build message queue services
    • Build new tools and SDKs that other teams in the company can re-use

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.