As a Data Engineer, you will work on getting the data from the hardware to the AI models, from the AI models to the cloud, and from the cloud to the front end. Along the way, you will encounter challenges like: • handling large amounts of data • improving performance • comparing different inspections • analyzing trends

You will bring out your innovative mindset to change and automate existing workflows. We are looking for someone who spots opportunities and acts on these. Are you creative, do you like a challenge, and are you enthusiastic about building an innovative product? Then we are a perfect fit!

You will improve and extend the existing solution by bringing new ideas to the table. You like to think about architecture, but also turn this architecture into code.


  • Automating processes
  • Transferring and storing big data as efficiently as possible
  • Designing software and data architectures
  • Programming and implementing ideas
  • Finding and implementing improvements


  • NOTE: Focus only on candidates who are already positioned in the EU.
  • Furthermore, you are a confident communicator with written and verbal communication skills (English).
  • You will continuously improve and extend the existing solution by bringing new ideas to the table while keeping the customer’s focus in mind. The small team and innovative nature of the project enable you to work on a diverse set of challenges.


  • Visa sponsorship possible
  • €38.880 – €46.656
  • Holiday allowance: 8%
  • €300 per year per month education budget
  • Pension
  • Laptop/phone

There are 3 interviews during this application process. In some scenarios, the application process requires an extra step. This can be an interview to discuss a particular subject or to let you speak with our most relevant colleagues.

  1. Personal fit and Tech fit 30m online
  2. Technical fit 45m at the office
  3. Meet the team, and discuss personal ambitions and technical knowledge for 1h at the office

Total within 10 days from intro to offer

If interested, please share your CV at