We are looking for an Engineering Lead to join a Backend Python team in Prague or Brno in the Czech Republic.

You can now RELOCATE to one of the best countries for ex-pats: the living standard is high and living costs are much lower than in Western Europe! This is a great location if you’d like to travel around Europe as well.

Would you like to work at one of the leading TravelTech companies in Central Europe?

Our client provides innovative TravelTech solutions for customers and businesses. Their unique online search engine allows users to combine transportation from carriers that normally do not cooperate.

Travel itineraries allow users to combine flights and ground transportation from over 800 carriers.

They just closed €100,000,000.00 funding round and are poised to grow above and beyond!

What You Be Responsible For:

  • You manage 3-8 engineers (Python backend developers).
  • You are responsible that your reports delivering high-quality work. You maintain the quality of code, minimize outages and errors, and assert that team-wide and company-wide guidelines are followed. You are responsible for a technical vision within the domain, including audit trails, report parsing, and virtual credit card management.
  • You maintain a strong relationship with your reports, assuming responsibility for their personal development in technical and soft skills. You are responsible for the general well-being of all team members. You action their concerns to the best of your ability, escalating when required.
  • You determine the hiring requirements and promotion plans of your team. You participate in the hiring process.
  • You serve as a representative for your team when communicating with product managers, other teams, and other stakeholders. You connect your team members to product managers and their features and assure the quality of their cooperation.
  • You help your team prioritize the incoming requests, distribute work amongst team members, and assuring that their tasks are well defined and productive.
  • You help your team members make technical decisions and involve technical experts when these decisions involve higher scopes. You share your technical expertise regularly.


Must-have Competencies:

  • 6+ years experience with software engineering
  • Experience managing (leading) a team of software developers
  • Fluent English



  • Use this salary calculator to determine your rate based on your skills and competencies: https://bit.ly/3yanfif

Why To Join?

  • It feels like a startup within a scaleup company!
  • Fast-paced & ambitious growing company… which means a lot of data to process!
  • Great team spirit and autonomy to deliver results the way you prefer.


  • No blame culture
    • “All of us make mistakes and we try to ensure that we learn from that and do not repeat the same mistake in the future. Each major incident is addressed in the postmortem to improve the process.”
  • Fail fast, learn fast
    • “When delivering a new business feature, we implement the MVP version in the first place to prove the business case. Afterward, we aim for a proper technical solution. We try to avoid nitpicking.”
  • Independence
    • “Our aim is to provide you with enough context so that you can act independently. Most of our workload is organized in Jira but you aren’t limited to strictly defined tasks. We encourage you to come up with your own solution to the problems and will support you in cross-team cooperation. We don’t like micromanagement.”
  • No question is stupid
    • “We promote a safe environment within the team to make sure you will feel comfortable to ask any questions or raise any concerns since day 1.”
  • Help other teammates
    • “As no one is a specialist for all directions, we believe that knowledge sharing is the key to a team’s success. We encourage you to ask questions and we support you to pass technical knowledge and domain knowledge on to more junior team members. We help each other if needed.”
  • Releases & deployment process
    • “We rely on fully automated CI/CD pipelines that allow us to release/rollback versions as often as we need – with a single click. We like canary releases.”

Backend Stack:

  • Python 3.6 – 3.9
  • Flask, Falcon, FastAPI, Connexion, Celery
  • Yarn workspaces (monorepo-like setup)
  • GraphQL, Node.js
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLAlchemy
  • GCP, AWS, K8s, Docker, Datadog, Gitlab (including GitLab pipelines)

Frontend Stack:

  • React, Redux, Relay, Next.js, Flow, TypeScript, Styled-components, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Storybook
  • Cypress E2E testing and Jest with React Testing Library

Work Methodology:

  • Agile working processes: both Scrum, Kanban, and even Scrumban in place.
  • Core backend languages are Python & Golang
  • Code maintenance using GitLab and deployment using its CI/CD
  • Deployments are running on Kubernetes (GKE)
  • GCP products (Pub/Sub, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, CloudSQL)
  • NoSQL databases – Redis, ElasticSearch
  • To ensure nothing goes wrong we monitor our service using Sentry & Datadog
  • Very flexible, but also value Face-to-face collaboration as it creates great team spirit, a feeling of belonging and keeps mental health in check.

Employment Terms:

  • Flexible working schedule
  • Start date as soon as you can


  • Valuable Stock options
  • Hardware from Apple or Microsoft based on your preferences
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • VIP Medical Care
  • 20+5 days vacation/year
  • Sick days
  • Meal vouchers, Cafeteria program, Multisport card

Relocation Support:

  • Visa supported
  • Relocation package 1.5x to 2.0x first months salary to cover initial expenses

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.