Would you like to be one of the founding engineers of a San Francisco-based startup?

Our client develops an innovative software product that helps manufacturing companies to construct small apartments in a factory as modules that plug in to each other and ship them to another place to put together in one building.

This helps to solve the housing crisis in large US cities where on-site construction would take a few years.

Did you know? A large construction site may have 30,000 documents drafted. They are hard to analyze which slows down the building construction. 

The technology developed by our client helps workers optimize their work by helping them identify the ONE most important document they need at a time. Plus, the worker can easily order supplies to build the construction module like a puzzle.

Think of Lego but with 100x larger pieces…

The two co-founders just raised money from investors and are looking for three Fullstack JavaScript Developers (1x Senior, 1x Medior, 1x Junior) to join the team 100% remotely.

What you will work on:

  • Both Frontend and Backend of the platform with TypeScript
  • Construction schedule
    • Instructions for the worker – show the one most relevant drawing at a time
    • Request material to be delivered
    • Call an inspector to review
  • Optimizations
    • Use algorithms to propose improvements for the plant managers
    • Develop the best way to re-order the work
    • Inventory management — indexing & sorting



  • At least 5-6 years of professional experience with JavaScript or TypeScript
    • Backend development with Node.js
    • Frontend development with either React or Angular or Vue.js
  • Knowledge of data structure algorithms (studied Computer Science)
  • Fluent English (level B2 or C1)


  • Experience working for a product-centric company or enterprise SaaS
  • Experience with AWS


Great Team:

  • San Francisco-based startup with two co-founders => become the founding engineer and work directly with the CTO
  • They just fundraised money from investors and have a bright future ahead
  • Driven and motivated to succeed

Technical Stack:

  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch

Contract Terms:

  • Freelance contract (full-time/long-term) with regular monthly payment
  • The agreement signed directly with the company (not the recruitment agency)
  • Working hours based on mutual agreement (3-4 hours overlap with the US time zone is great)
  • 100% Fully Remote, long-term
  • Desired start date as soon as possible

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.