We are looking for a Web Hosting System Administrator-WS102 to join the team 100% remotely.

Would you like to manage hundreds of TBs of data, and several thousands of cores and take advantage of a 40 GBit network?

Our client provides is a leader in Central and Eastern Europe in web hosting services.

  • 25 years on the market
  • 4.5 PB disk capacity
  • 2,500+ servers
  • 500m web hits per day
  • 5m emails processed per day

The headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, but IT operations are based in Slovakia.


  • Web hosting administration: OpenResty, Nginx, LXD/LXC
  • Linux server administration with OpenStack, SaltStack, Ubuntu LTS
  • Manage web cluster with 200+ servers, 400 CPUs, 30+ TB RAM, 400 TB RAW SSD
  • Improve existing solutions, suggest improvements, discuss with colleagues
  • Continuously keep learning and sharing insights and best practices with your team
  • Analyze incidents, identify root causes, and ensure they will not occur again

You would not need to be on-call because there’s a dedicated team for this.



  • At least 4-5 years of experience with web hosting & virtual servers
  • Experience with OpenResty, Nginx, LXD/LXC


  • Experience with SaltStack


  • Senior team to support you
  • Growth opportunities – join conferences and workshops to learn and speak
  • Great culture – hackathons, trips

Our full technical stack includes:

  • Hardware
    • 200 servers
    • 400 CPUs
    • 3200 physical cores / 6400 logical cores
    • 30+ TB RAM
    • 400 TB RAW SSD
  • Configuration management
    • SaltStack
  • Web hosting
    • Ubuntu LTS + Nginx, apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, ZFS, LXC, LXD
  • Email Hosting
    • postfix, dovecot, Rspamd, Halon, IceWarp
  • Cloud
    • OpenStack, OpenvSwitch, RabbitMQ, Docker, Docker Swarm, Redis, Galera cluster, GitLab CI
  • DNS
    • KnotDNS, bind, PowerDNS
  • Monitoring
    • Zabbix

Contract Terms:

  • Freelance contract (Permanent/Full-time with un-limited duration) with regular monthly payment/invoiced  
  • Fully remote with Flexible working hours 
  • Desired start date as soon as possible.

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.