• A senior Kafka designer with expertize on Kafka architecture (cluster, node and zookepper design) and deployment. Broad understanding of real time analytics and batch processing.
  • Ability to take complex architectures and present to a varied audience including Chief architects, program heads, Design leads.
  • Experience in creating outline solution designs as well as High level designs for complex infrastructure and implementing the solution on servers.
  • Work with Project team to define and design scope for each project/module.
  • Guide in creating test strategies to ensure application meets the needs of business.
  • Participate in project collaboration meeting with clients, business analyst and team members in order to analyse and clarify business requirements.
  • Translate business requirements into detailed technical specifications and review technical specs.


  • Knowledge of kafka environment (Kafka Cluster, Apache ZooKeeper) to provide inputs in designing.
  • Knowledge to transform data into  topics, streaming processors in Kafka.
  • Knowledge on Schema registry, AVRO format, Kafka REST proxy,KSQL,Java
  • Grafana Set up and integration with Kafka
  • Confluent tools (Control centre, data balancer, replicator,security control REST Proxy ,MQTT proxy etc)
  • Knowledge of Mongo DB architecture and its aggregation framework.
  • Knowledge of Confluent tools (Control centre, data balancer, replicator, security control REST Proxy ,MQTT proxy etc.)
  • Experience in Data Exchange Development Workbench (DDW)
  • Present solutions to senior stakeholders including chief architects, transformation and program heads, lead designers, enterprise architects
  • Need to lead the design and build activities for data centre implementation.

Experience in the following technologies:

  • Kafka
  • Mongo DB
  • Openshift

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