• PHP Framework: Symfony 2
  • Javascript Libs: JQuery (1.7.2), Bootstrap 2 related libraries or JQuery (1.11.1), Bootstrap 4 related libraries
  • Bootstrap 2.3.2 or Bootstrap 4
  • Doctrine + ORM·
  • PHP Framework: Zend 1
  • Good to have Angular (1.0.7), Docker knowledge
  • Good to have SoapUI knowledge using Groovy Script, PHP UI template we make use of Twig.
  • Good to have Git throughout with remote repositories and sub-modules.(worth reading up on and getting to grips with)
  • Good to have basic knowledge of Linux based system admin.
  • Good to have Jenkins knowledge to deploy our work into production and other environments.
  • Good to have Ant script knowledge to manage and CLI based actions that need doing in sequence.
  • Good to have PHP Units knowledge for code testing

If interested, please share your CV at