We’re looking for a Senior Electron Engineer full-time remote for our client Remote-first company with people in 14 countries.


  • We’re looking for an Engineer who can build the actual Electron framework v. someone who can utilize that framework to build a desktop app with web APIs. (This is really the key.)
  • Understands Electron builds and APIs, how to maintain forks, write patches, etc. Keep an independent copy of it and make modifications of open source code


  • NodeJS, Chromium experience Someone who can build a framework, and not just utilize one.
  • Recent Electron experience writing native code and more than just 1 project
  • Electron experience in conjunction with Node, TypeScript, Chromium, Windows, C++ Excellent communication (verbal & written) and attention to detail
  • Please highlight any experience in the following: Regularly committing to the Electron community React, Redux, TypeScript, NodeJS, Chromium, Windows, C++, Type ORM, MobX, Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Figma React Native experience Our Tech Stack – React, Redux, TypeScript, NodeJS, React Native (iOS, Android), Objective-C (iOS), Java/Native Android (Android), C++, WebRTC, SFU Architecture, Chromium, Electron, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab, PagerDuty.


  • Work from Home
  • Competitive salary package $70k-$120k range, stock options.
  • Career growth opportunities within an international developing team

If this role fits with your professional expectations, we invite you to apply and we will get back to you to discuss more details about the recruitment process at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.