The client is a fast growing IT company,  specialized in mobile apps for the Field Sales and Field Service market and develops external service automation software. The company is active in European countries and is now looking for an employee to expand its team in Brussels.

Core Job activities

  • Classic Sales Development role: outbound sales style, in depth product knowledge, pre-sales planning and screening for the account managers
  • You will get most of the leads via the marketing department (MQL’s)
  • On the other hand you will also generate specific target groups and approach the right person within the companies that you selected in order to generate a sales qualified lead (SQL’s)
  • So you will develops SQL’s  (sales qualified leads) from own research or from MQL’s (market qualified leads) passed on by the marketing department
  • You will manage the early stages of the sales cycle making sure that prospects understand the value of the software
  • You will generate sales leads in a multi country environment:  Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands
  • In some cases you will use a call center to assist you in the first line
  • Researches and identifies qualified targets
  • Build campaigns to track success rates using software tools
  • Engages in a conversation through email, phone, chats to understand the customer’s needs
  • Qualifies clients based on fit
  • Qualified clients (SQL’s) are assigned to Account Executives
  • Disqualified clients are tagged: no target(not the right industry, special needs, …),   , nurturing, self-service
  • In some cases like very  small companies you will close immediately and sell our products (occasionally)

Required skills

  • Minimum 2 years relevant experience in sales and proven track record
  • Knowledge of French AND Dutch, English nice to have
  • Ability to generate sales qualified leads form the obtained MQL’s from the marketing department and own  SQL’s generated
  • Research and data mining skills in order to extract potential customers
  • Understand and listen to the potential clients needs & wants

Please reply this question:

What is the level of your Dutch and French Language?

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