Would you like to start working remotely for a high-paced FinTech company based in Munich in Germany?

We are looking for a Senior Frontend React Developer to join the team in Munich, Germany.

Our client is a leading marketplace for working capital financing, financed by private shareholders and has been operating on the market since 2016.

The company’s core focus is on the disruption of the financial industry, working on capital finance for mid to large-cap businesses operating on a global scale. The portfolio is continuously emerging including the ongoing development of the marketplace and the onboarding of additional clients and investors.

It’s a back-office platform that processes millions of euros per day for the supply chain (the big buyers don’t pay to small suppliers immediately, they take months to pay their invoices, and smaller suppliers need cash quickly) and this platform provides something like a bridge financing. 

The marketplace connects 3 parties: the buyers, the suppliers, and investors such as banks or institutional investors. The investors buy invoices with a discount. It’s a win-win-win situation thanks to the platform.

Your Job Responsibilities Will Be:

  • Enhance the functionalities of our existing B2B platform to improve the User Experience based on the new technology stack. 
  • Implement new features and migrate existing frontend to a React.js based stack
  • Collaborate with other team members such as UX Designer, Business Analysts, Architects and Backend Developers
  • Take part in Kanban prioritization meetings to finalize requirements and provide estimations
  • Provide UI-prototypes, performance reviews, continuously improve code quality

Interesting Challenges Ahead Of You:

  • UI component API => create components to create APIs backward compatible that can be shared among multiple teams
  • Transition to TypeScript


Must-have Competencies:

  • Frontend JavaScript web development 4-5+ years
  • React.js 2+ years
  • Build custom UI components with CSS+React.js


  • Knowledge of TypeScript


Great Team:

  • 5 IT teams, each with ca. 6 devs
  • Every team has one frontend expert (the rest Java Fullstack devs)
  • Based in Germany and Ukraine

Why do they like working here?

  • Learn a lot – high-skill standards, continuously improvement
  • Technologies – Java enterprise
  • Have time to do things properly
  • Enterprise environment – high-quality standards, structured work

Contract Terms:

  • 100% remote
  • Long term, full-time, permanent, unlimited assignments
  • Employment contract in Germany (Permanent/Full-time with un-limited duration and 6 months trial period).
  • Freelance contract (Permanent/Full-time/with un-limited duration) with regular monthly payment.
  • Fully remote with Flexible working hours.
  • Relocation is not included/not supported.
  • Desired start date as soon as possible.
  • Regular set monthly billing.
  • SalaryBetween €70 – €90k / year based on your seniority

What’s interesting about it?

  • Page by page architecture; every page is independent
  • Micro-frontend architecture; different services (10) which use UI component libraries that are 100% independent (React apps)

If interested, please share your CV at iuliana@euroasiarecruiting.com.